Locating Massachusetts Sex Offenders

It was once common practice to look into ones eyes to assess their personality and repute. Unfortunately, times have changed, and for the safety of your family, it’s typical to have to go the extra mile by searching criminal records before trusting others. The State of Massachusetts has set up an agency known as Sex Offender Registry Board (SORB). The mission of the board is to provide timely, reliable information, as well as educate the general public about sex offenders and prevent reoccurrences.

As per Massachusetts Law, all sex offenders who move, live, work, or enroll as student in the state of Massachusetts are required to register as a sex offender. A person is considered a sex offender if they has been convicted and determined to be a delinquent juvenile, youthful offender, or a sexually dangerous person. When released from youth services or incarceration they are registered under the sex offender laws of any state in the union. Sex offenders are classified into three levels. This classification is done on the basis of threat they pose to the general public.

Level 1, or Low Risk

Level 2, or Moderate Risk

Level 3, or High Risk


Both police and the Board are not authorized to make public any information related to a Level 1 sex offender. Instead, emphasis is on providing easily accessible information to the public in relation to Level 2 and 3 sex offenders. Searching criminal records through Massachusetts State Records is available to the general public for all sex offenders categorized as Level 3. After acknowledging and accepting the conditions of the website, an online search engine can be accessed. The search can be done by giving any one of the four search tags: last name, postal code, city name or county.

All sex offenders, irrespective of their level, are required to provide their primary as well as secondary addresses; secondary address being any place a sex offender resides for more than 14 days. Sex offenders are also required to register their work addresses and have to notify the SORB at least 10 days before moving to the new work location. In order to register with the Board, certain prescribed forms are required to be filled out and submitted at the time of registering. These forms are downloadable from Boards website.

Police and the SORB maintain the complete database of all sex offenders. In order to perform a background check, one must have the address of an offender. Anyone above the age 18 can request this information in person at a local police station, or can send a written request to the SORB. This physical information retrieval is provided free of charge. It is illegal to use this information to harass or discriminate against a sex offender, and anyone found guilty of this offense may face a fine of $1,000 or spend time in prison.

Designated forms must be used when requesting information on any sex offender. These forms are downloadable from the SORB’s website.

The SORB has also designated a special section for sex offenders who are at large known as the Wanted High Risk Sex Offenders list. These offenders are considered Level 3 Offenders, and the public is encouraged to provide any information regarding these offenders.